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From our Community Blog:

Automated Testing with Steve Persch

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Automated testing. We all know we should be doing it but are you? For many of us it seems like a daunting addition to our routines and something we can always get to later. But somehow later never comes around.

In this episode, host Jen McFarland chats with Steve Persch, Lead Developer Advocate at Pantheon. Steve shares his insights into the easy wins with automated testing, and the things we should all be prioritizing. We also get a second opinion on the very important question: would Northwestern's mascot win in a fight with Wapuu?

Big thanks to Pantheon for being our 2019 WPCampus Doctoral Sponsor! We're thrilled to have them supporting and attending this year's conference. If you want to know more about Automated Testing, Pantheon's own Andrew Taylor will be speaking about Regression Testing at the conference. You can also see Pantheon Migrations Lead, Lauren Kelly speaking on the "Composing Continuously" panel.

Mentioned in this episode:

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