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From our Community Blog:

Using the WordPress REST API

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The REST API became part of WordPress Core in version 4.7. For developers like me, this is one of the most exciting changes to WordPress in years. But now that it’s in core, what do you use it for? How does it fit into what you’re already doing? And what does it allow you to do that “traditional” WordPress doesn’t?

Ashley Kolodziej and Jonathan Desrosiers built an interactive companion piece for an article in Bostonia, BU’s alumni magazine. It’s a beautiful piece of web design, and it’s all powered by the REST API. Ashley contributed a WPCampus-sponsored blog post describing the project that was featured on Link, the Journal of Higher Education Web Professionals published by our partners at HighEdWeb.

This episode features WPCampus community members Brian DeConinck, Ashley Kolodziej, and Jonathan Desrosiers. Ashley and Jon are a part of the Interactive Design team at Boston University’s Marketing & Communications group.

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