Podcast: Contributing to WordPress Core

WordPress is popular in higher ed for a lot of reasons, and being open source has to be near the top of the list. And that means that you — yes, you! — can contribute bug fixes and new features to the project. But actually showing up and contributing can be intimidating. How do you get started?

This episode features WPCampus community members Brian DeConinck and Joe McGill. Joe previously worked for Washington University in St. Louis, and now works with the WordPress development firm Human Made. In January, he spoke at WPCampus Online on the topic Showing up: learning how to make a contribution.

Joe joins us the show to talk more about contributing code back to WordPress, and contributing to the things we use and care about more generally.

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The WPCampus Podcast is a recurring show where members of the community come together to discuss relevant topics, unique ways that WordPress is being used in higher education, share tutorials and walkthroughs, and more. If you'd like to be a guest on the show, or have a topic you'd like us to discuss, please let us know.

Brian DeConinck

Front-End Designer & Developer, NC State University@BrianDeConinckhttp://www.briandeconinck.com/

I build custom themes and plugins for NC State University's Office of Information Technology, and I help maintain campus WordPress environments and advise clients on content best practices. I'm always excited to talk about universal design, accessibility, usability, and designing with compassion and empathy. I host the WPCampus Podcast, where I get to talk about all those things and more!

Joe McGill

Senior WordPress Engineer, Human Made@joemcgillhttp://joemcgill.net

Joe McGill resides in St. Louis, MO. He is a Contributing Developer to WordPress, where he helps maintain the Media component. He is currently a Senior WordPress Engineer at Human Made, formerly Director of Web Development for Public Affairs at Washington University in St. Louis. Find him on online at joemcgill.net at on Twitter as @joemcgill.

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