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From our Community Blog:

WPCampus 2022 will not take place, dates set for July 12-14 2023

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Hello everyone, and happy summer! I come bearing great news, a piece of bad news, and an update on our leadership transition process.

WPCampus 2022 will not take place

The bad news is that, as I'm sure you have guessed by now, we will not have an event in September. WPCampus 2022, our annual in-person conference, has been officially canceled.

The feedback from the survey showed that most of you did not yet feel comfortable traveling. So as much as we want to see everyone, I believe it best for our community to wait.

But one reason for the delayed notice is that I have been working behind the scenes to secure some exciting news.

WPCampus 2023 is scheduled for July 12-14, 2023

I am thrilled to share that we have booked July 12-14, 2023 (Wednesday - Friday) at Tulane University in New Orleans (USA) for WPCampus 2023!

WPCampus 2023 will be our fourth summer to attempt an in-person event at Tulane since COVID began. It is hard to believe we will go four years without seeing each other in person. It will be hot (I'm thinking some fan swag?), but New Orleans is a beautiful city with lots of fun things to see and do and many delicious things to eat.

We plan to offer air-conditioned on-campus lodging for this event, which will help to keep travel costs low. Visit the WPCampus 2023 travel page for more information.

We hope everyone will feel safe to travel in summer 2023 and spend a few days networking, learning, and fostering relationships with each other in New Orleans.

So mark your calendars and save the dates for some jazzy WPCampus fun in New Orleans!

We're grateful to the team at Tulane University IT for continuing to sponsor our event and welcoming our community to their campus.

Learn more about WPCampus 2023

An update on the WPCampus leadership transition

It has been a treat to meet every other week with members of the WPCampus community and plan for our organization's future.

The group has been making significant progress. In the beginning, we decided that WPCampus should remain a 501c3 and then began to form a strategy for constructing and implementing a new leadership model that supports the requirements for a 501c3. I am so thankful for all who have volunteered their time and energy.

If you are interested in the happenings of the working group, you can learn more about the group on the WPCampus website and in the working group's planning document.

How to get involved

I highly encourage everyone to contribute to our leadership transition process and aim to provide options and flexibility for you to do so.

If you have ever had ideas for our community's future or want to support our organization, this working group is an excellent opportunity to stay in the know and contribute.

Our website outlines how to get involved in more detail but here are the highlights:

  • Participate in the #transition Slack channel
    • We need your voice, your ideas, and your feedback.
  • Attend meetings
    • We meet every other Wednesday at 12 p.m. in the #transition Slack channel
  • Contribute to the transition working document
    • Stay up to date on the group and leave comments with your questions, ideas, and feedback
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