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An introduction to information security and why you should care - WPCampus 2019

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By 2017, 7 billion sets of credentials had been leaked. Through 2018 and now into 2019, we're nearing 9 billion sets. Everyone, regardless of their job or role is affected. Those of us in Higher Education are at a distinct risk because we're of particular interest due to the number of high-valued assets we posses. In this talk, I will (quickly) introduce participants to core security principles and how they apply to our work in higher education, and how they can use these principles to not only protect our Higher Education assets, but how they can use these concepts in their personal lives to better protect themselves online.

You can learn more about this session on the WPCampus 2019 website at

Paul Gilzow

What is WPCampus?
WPCampus 2019 was the fourth annual in-person conference for the WPCampus community, a gathering of web professionals, educators and people dedicated to the confluence of WordPress in higher education. The event took place July 25-27, 2019 on the campus of Lewis & Clark College. Learn more about the event at

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