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Engaging accepted students through WordPress

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Most traditional colleges and universities fear one thing: melt. After a prospective student becomes an accepted student, how do you successfully keep that individual connected and excited about joining your campus community? Institutions have tried everything: a nagging email cadence, digital games and contests, Facebook groups and stacks of paper mailers and postcards. Yet, it is still a struggle to get that deposit confirmation.

Working with the Undergraduate Admission team at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Bravery has been working on an accepted student engagement tool built on WordPress and connected to the Slate Admissions CRM. In this case study, we will walk through the product planning and strategy development, design and development process and some of the data takeaways.

You will hear about:

- Our accessibility challenges and solutions
- Technical integration challenges
- Thinking too big and having to scale back
- Tempering leadership's expectations with reality
- Some of what we'd do differently next time

You can learn more about this session on the WPCampus 2018 website at

Joel Goodman

What is WPCampus?
WPCampus 2018 was the third annual in-person conference for the WPCampus community, a gathering of web professionals, educators and people dedicated to the confluence of WordPress in higher education. The event took place July 12-14 on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis. Learn more about the event at

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