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WordPress as the center of your higher ed print publication workflow - WPCampus 2019

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Many higher ed publications such as alumni magazines, annual reports, and course catalogues are created for both web and print. Publishing for both web and print often introduces inefficient workflows and frustrations keeping both versions up-to-date as information is updated between the web CMS and InDesign. Learn how WordPress can be extended to serve as the center of your print publication workflow. We’ll look at how Maine Today Media was able to completely change their 4 daily newspapers to be an efficient web-first workflow that allows their print designers to easily import data directly from WordPress into InDesign for print newspaper layouts.

You can learn more about this session on the WPCampus 2019 website at

Ben Greeley

What is WPCampus?
WPCampus 2019 was the fourth annual in-person conference for the WPCampus community, a gathering of web professionals, educators and people dedicated to the confluence of WordPress in higher education. The event took place July 25-27, 2019 on the campus of Lewis & Clark College. Learn more about the event at

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